Queen Song

I am a monument

One that is inside you and all around you

Even when you deny what is is inherent and innate

I am mother daughter sister cousin auntie niece

Black-brown woman  ebony goddess crowned girl

rare jewel missing piece

I am not your personal treasure or trust fund to squander misuse or abuse at your discretion

I am universal currency

appreciate that I never depreciate

I am not a glass half empty or half full

I have always been and will always be


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Lyndonia Jane
Level Up

Teach da 'yute that come after you the mental acrobatics--
that a young king needs to be agile.

So that he can dodge bullets, discrimination, and the odds that try to crush his spirit.
Teach him to survive.
Teach him how to win--by winning!
Teach him to be a King. Just. Like. You.

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Lyndonia Jane
Crown Talk

Listen closely
This crown talk
Eyes mind heart open
Chin up shoulders back
That's how a crown walks
Teach yourself to be less like them
That’s how you move humanity
Talk less shit.
Do more shit.
That’s that’s the only way to change shit
Take negativity and your fears
and bury that shit
and watch a rose garden spring from it

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Lyndonia Jane