Level Up

This world is designed,

To either-break you.

Or make you--wish giving up were an option...
THEY are coming for you--armed--with heavy artillery.
Disguised as:
Limitation, incarceration and brainwashing
The only way for you to beat them is through your successes

Understand, that your might is not in your fist

But in your mind,
Your only weapon is your intellect.
And-heavy is the head that wears the crown
So don't you ever! ever!
Let them catch you slipping and leave your crown laying around!
They will lay you down in shackles
And imprison not just your body
They will incarcerate your soul and your mind
Don't let THEM win.
I need you to be around King!
I need you to hold me down
This kind of war that we are fighting
Is not the kind in which
you drop bombs or take up arms
See our militia needs to be strapped with ammunition of intellect for this fight
Firepower of the heaviest kind---
I need you focused.

There's nothing more powerful than faith and iron will.

Walk in the path of your ancestors--may your mind be both weapon and shield

Teach da 'yute that come after you the mental acrobatics--
that a young king needs to be agile.

So that he can dodge bullets, discrimination, and the odds that try to crush his spirit.
Teach him to survive.
Teach him how to win--by winning!
Teach him to be a King. Just. Like. You.


Lyndonia Jane