Queen Song

I am not a ride

you cannot hop on and off of this experience

Whenever you are in search of a discounted thrill

Fleeting and terrifyingly satisfying

Nor am I a baecation

You cannot purchase a discounted travel package

and visit me when you need to a getaway

breakaway  from the mundane and the misguidance

of bypassing me everyday

I am not a tourist attraction

Do not gawk at me or pilfer pieces of my essence

to take home and keep in a box

Only to take those pieces of me out to remind yourself

Of how good I feel

How good I make you feel

I am a monument

One that is inside you and all around you

Even when you deny what is is inherent and innate

I am mother daughter sister cousin auntie niece

Black-brown woman  ebony goddess crowned girl

rare jewel missing piece

I am not your personal treasure or trust fund to squander misuse or abuse at your discretion

I am universal currency

appreciate that I never depreciate

I am not a glass half empty or half full

I have always been and will always be


Lyndonia Jane