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Lyndonia Jane


The beach has always been my favorite place and as a kid in the Bahamas I would walk there and build sand castles. As a teenager, living in Florida, I  would visit the beach more often with friends and on many occasions, alone. When I visited the ocean I'd stare far beyond the waves and imagine visiting the places too distant for my eyes but familiar to my imagination. In these fantastical daydreams I would find inspiration from the distant cultures.Today, I pay homage to the cultures that I admire through my art, writing and creative endeavors. My work is an combination of sustainability, culture, spirituality and science.  

My passion and background in biotechnology and environmental science coupled with my love for art inspired me to explore and create alternatives in fashion. Since  an undergraduate at Florida A&M University, I have researched and created opportunities to connect my love for fashion and science. UnChained Culture is the perfect blend of my passions; a creative space where I can educate, inspire and make others feel good about themselves. 

At  UnChained culture everything is handmade or responsibly made with ethically-sourced and fair-trade materials. UnChained Culture is a brand that celebrates diversity and cultural inclusion through our creative designs. I use sustainably sourced, eco-friendly and fair-trade materials to create and curate:  one-of-a-kind jewelry power affirmation quotes and crystal jewelry, handmade art and home goods  and clothing. I have taken time to establish rapports with business owners of color in the United States and all over the world to ensure that everything that we make is beautiful, quality and sustainable. 


If I’m starving and you’re starving and the only standing between us both perishing

Is you standing on my shoulders to reach that fruit I will be that ladder for you

I will stand with you and make you taller

I will hold on to your ankles and make you stronger

I will brace myself, so that you do not fall

I will not let you down until you reach the heights that you aspire